What is MacKeeper and how to remove it?
Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to completely uninstall MacKeeper.

How to Remove MacKeeper from Mac

Sometimes, users install antivirus apps having no idea which tools these apps have and how exactly they can fix their Macs’ problems. After figuring out that this particular app doesn’t fit their needs, they decide to uninstall it, and this is where the real pain shows up. An example of a software that is difficult to uninstall is MacKeeper.

This is a helper app for your computer with cleaning, anti-theft, and some other features. While surfing on the Web, you can come across many questions about how to uninstall this app. Among them, there are questions like

  • ‘How do I completely uninstall MacKeeper on my Mac?’,
  • ‘How to stop MacKeeper pop-ups and block ads?’, etc.

The queries can vary but people’s complaints still remain unsolved. That’s why we decided to create a step-by-step guide for users who want not only disable pop-ups but also uninstall MacKeeper from MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac, or, simply put, OS X.

Before the removal, make sure you have done the following:

icon copy

If you used MacKeeper’s backup feature, make sure to have backup copies on hand. By default, MacKeeper stores its backups in the Documents folder under MacKeeper backups. Make sure to have a copy in a different location just in case.

icon archive

If you have used MacKeeper’s Data Encryptor, decrypt all of your files before attempting to delete the app.

icon delete

When running MacKeeper, go to Preferences > General and uncheck the “Show MacKeeper in the menu bar” box.

If you don’t want to risk removing the wrong file or just want to avoid the manual labor, click the button below to quickly and safely uninstall MacKeeper.

With all preparations in place, you can now begin the removal process:

step 1

Step 1

Open Finder and go to Applications.

step 2

Step 2

Locate MacKeeper app and move it to trash.

step 3

Step 3

Enter administrator password to confirm the removal when requested by Finder.

step 4

Step 4

Follow on-screen instructions to remove the app.

This deletes the majority of MacKeeper components but not the entire app. Continue by manually erasing additional data:

  • Go to Finder and click Go > Go to Folder in the menu bar.
  • Navigate to the following locations:
    • ~/Library/Application Support
    • ~/Library/Caches
  • Look for folders with MacKeeper in their name and move them to Trash.
  • Right-click on the trash bin in the Dock and choose Empty Trash.

MacKeeper is a piece of cleaning software that many have heard about. Regardless if its popularity, people keep asking “Is MacKeeper an Apple Product?” The answer is no. MacKeeper was initially developed by Zeobit in 2009 and later acquired and distributed by Kromtech Alliance. It offers a set of tools for Mac cleaning, securing and optimization.

Users often ask questions like ‘Is MacKeeper safe to use?’, ‘Does MacKeeper really work?’, ‘Is MacKeeper malware?’ or ‘Is MacKeeper legit antivirus software for my Mac?’. MacKeeper isn’t a virus, malware, or a spyware. So, the answer is yes, it is safe. But if you ask ‘Should I use MacKeeper on my Mac?’ we won’t be able to reply. Everything depends on which tools you need for your Mac, how much can you spend on such app, and which issue you expect to fix with this utility.

MacKeeper program owned by Kromtech has appeared quite long ago and, therefore, has received both positive and negative reviews, ratings, and inquiries about spam and bad reputation. Among frequently asked questions, there are ‘Is MacKeeper a Scam?’, ‘Can I trust MacKeeper?’, ‘Is MacKeeper a virus?’, or ‘is MacKeeper any good for Mac?’. MacKeeper is not a scam. This is an application that can remove old caches, temp data, search for duplicates, produce a report on disk usage, delete files, and troubleshoot some other Mac related issues.

Many users ask on forums ‘How to Get Rid of MacKeeper 'Virus'?’ or ‘How do I get MacKeeper off my Mac?’ Though MacKeeper isn’t a virus, it is really difficult to clean it off your device. You can’t completely remove MacKeeper just by sending it to Trash as lots of app-related files will remain on Mac. So, the easiest and the safest way to uninstall MacKeeper is to use specialized third-party software. If, however, you are more of a hands-on type of person, you can find the manual removal guide above.

In order to completely remove MacKeeper from MacBook or Mac desktop, you will need to fully quit all MacKeeper processes. You can use Activity Monitor app. Go to Finder > Applications > Utilities folder to find and force close all currently running MacKeeper processes. Some of them won’t shut down or will immediately relaunch unless you have set the right preferences. Open MacKeeper Preferences and select General icon. You will need to uncheck the mark from “Show MacKeeper in the menu bar” box. This will close MacKeeper helper and resolve the “how do I get MacKeeper icon off my menu bar?” question.

There are many similar apps for Mac cleaning and optimization. And if you haven’t found the needed function in MacKeeper, there are many utilities that can become a descent MacKeeper Alternative. Some of them are better than others, while others are cheaper or offer more useful features. In most cases, they all carry out their tasks successfully. One of such apps is MacFly Pro, which is completely free. The good news is that with MacFly Pro you can remove as many apps as you want, and MacKeeper is not an exception.